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Back to your regularly scheduled programming

Sorry we have not been airing any episodes recently.

We have been awful busy...SWEATING.

Recently Julifat was making pie crusts, so I decided to wander on over and watch.

The packages of LARD were so beautiful, like white bricks of love! I couldn't help myself.

I stole one of the packs and rubbed it over my rolls of flesh, letting it melt all over me...I then had to get three more blocks of it to finish the rest of my body.

Dripping in lard I went to the closet where Julifat was keeping our latest victim special friend and forced "Mini" to guzzle down all the lard that dripped off me.

By the end she was so greedy for the lard she searched my rolls (and even found my bellybutton) to lick the last drops of delicious goo off me.

I am ticklish so she did end up with a black eye but I really think it was all worth it.

When we handed her back to her family, they had to buy a brand new mini van because she wouldn't fit into anything else...Now she has a new reason to be called Mini!

AAH good times, it brings a tear to my eye. No wait that was a drop of lard.
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