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Episode 2

This week on Fat Girl TV....

Our fearless hostesses [mmm hostess] manage to sneak into a plastic surgeon's office to preform a little "reverse lipo".

At our local gym [we didnt go IN!] we found our latest "willing" victim...um I mean volunteer. Shmandy the stick was more then willing when we suggested liposuction and even more willing after the chloroformed towel was held over her nose.

Once we strapped our lovely Shmandy to the doctors table, we found the big sucky thing and hooked it up to the discard buckets from out local KFC [mmmmm we had to eat the crunchy bits out before we started though].

After dressing ourselves head to toe in rubber sheeting we started the work...it was easy really..just flicking the switch from "suck" to "BLOW"!
It was much like filling a sausage casing.

Our eyes widened as Shmandy did too...twenty minutes later she was done and so was our cake [it was yummy].

We let a dazed 300lb Shmandy out of our van in front of our local plus size store, and with a smile and a wave we were gone...another overly-thin girl saved.

We went home and celebrated with a pizza [each]. Tune in next time for another episode of FAT GIRL TV!

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